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Often the first question people ask is, “How much would you charge to do my taxes?” Our clients are happy to pay what we charge because we are competitively priced among CPAs, they trust our expertise, and we save them money. Compare education, experience, and credentials (see About section) to be confident you are getting the best overall value. That means not just getting your taxes done, but knowing they are done to your advantage, they are correct, and they include any relevant tax-saving recommendations.

The answer to the pricing question is always, “It depends.” But since that answer is pretty much no help, here is some info to give you a feel for our pricing:

*Note: If you are a returning client and not much has changed, then your price will most likely stay the same.


A basic return costs $195, which generally covers W-2 wages, most itemized deductions (medical expenses, charitable contributions, mortgage interest, real estate taxes, etc.), child tax credits, and some other common items. Many clients qualify for this price.

If your tax return is more complex (e.g., 1099 income, a rental property, taxable investments, or a side business), then we will quote you a price based on your prior tax return and answers to a few questions. Most of those returns end up in the $275-600 range, but also have more opportunities for tax-saving strategies.

Businesses & Self-Employed

Business entity tax returns are a lot more variable. A simple one-person operation is often $300-600, but a complex small business may be significantly more. The good news is, many small business and self-employed can save much more with tax planning than what they pay for planning and preparation combined, so they come out way ahead!


We always prefer to agree on the price upfront, because we believe that’s easier for everyone. We avoid luring people in with an advertised low price that ends up applying to approximately nobody, or charging an hourly rate that doesn’t give you any idea what the final cost will be. You’ll never pay a hidden fee, add-on, or even sales tax. As an added bonus, the cost is always tax deductible for businesses and often for individuals too.

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