New Tax Deadline is July 15, 2020

The April 15 deadline is postponed to July 15. This change is automatic, no action is required. This change applies to the following:
  • 2019 Individual federal tax return filings and payments are due July 15
  • 2019 Individual Utah tax return filings and payments are due July 15 (Many other states are following as well)
  • 2019 IRA and HSA contributions are due July 15
  • 2020 1st quarter estimated payments are due July 15
The following deadlines are NOT affected:
  • 2020 2nd quarter estimated payment, still due June 15
  • 2020 1st quarter payroll filing, still due April 30
  • 2019 Extension deadline, still October 15 (Extensions do not need to be filed until the July 15 deadline)
  • 2019 Gift and Estate tax returns, still due April 15
If your taxes are already filed:
  • If you have a balance due to either the IRS or Utah, you may wait until July 15 to pay with no interest or penalty.
  • If you have a refund this change will not cause any delay.
If we are currently working on your taxes, we will complete them as soon as we can. We will continue to work the same long hours into April as usual, but have shifted to more work from home.
If you have not yet contacted us about preparing your taxes this year, please let us know what your plans are so we can plan accordingly. We have several options to accommodate your preference:
  • We have a new online Client Portal and have prepared returns for many clients with no in person interaction. Let us know if you would like access to our online Client Portal.
  • You may schedule a time to drop off your documents at the office.
  • You may wait until May or June to have us start working on your tax return. If you expect to have a refund we encourage you to have us prepare your return sooner than later.
  • Phone appointments are available with any of the above options.
  • If we do not have everything we need to prepare your taxes by June 15, we will file an extension for you. Even though the deadline is postponed, we will not be working long hours during the summer.
Office Hours and Appointments
  • We are available in the office by appointment only, whether to drop off or pick up your tax return, or for any other needs.
  • We are consolidating our appointments to Tuesdays and Thursdays to allow us to work from home as much as possible.
  • We are still working and available so feel free to email, text, or call if there is anything we can do to help.

    Please contact us if you have any questions. Stay safe and healthy!