Pay Taxes Online

Use the following links and instructions to make your tax payments online, or to set up payment plans.

Paying state taxes can sometimes be confusing. If you owe Utah state taxes, the following instructions will guide you through the process of making an online payment.

1. Click the link above to be directed to TAP Utah’s Taxpayer Access Point

 2. In the left hand menu, under the heading “I Want To” select either “Make e-Check Payment” or “Make Credit Card Payment”

 3. Choose “NO” for Coupon Verification (enter Tax Payer Contact Information if paying with e-check) then click NEXT

If you have chosen to pay by credit card, you will be directed to enter your billing information at this point

 4. Follow link “Click here to add payment”

 5. Enter personal and payment information as required

For “Account Type” select “Individual Income Tax” from drop down menu
For “ID Type” select “SSN” and enter your information as directed
(You may complete this step using either your name or your spouse’s name)
For “Payment TYPE” select “RETURN Payment”
At this point, click “ADD”