Our clients are happy knowing we are competitively priced, they trust our expertise, and we save them money. Each return we prepare is signed by a licensed CPA. Compare our education, experience, and credentials (see About section) to be confident you are getting the best overall value. That means not just getting your taxes done, but knowing they are correct, have the best possible outcome, and include any relevant tax-saving recommendations.

We always prefer to agree on the price upfront, because we believe that’s easier for everyone. You’ll never pay a hidden fee, add-on, or even sales tax. For those with a business of any kind, the cost is tax deductible too.

Accounting Services for Tax Returns
If significant accounting services are needed in order to complete your tax return, $100 hourly will be charged for those services. If you would like to complete your accounting on your own, before submitting your information to us, please ensure your expenses are totaled by category for the year (e.g., cost of goods sold, advertising, vehicle expense/mileage, contract labor, meals, office expense, phone, supplies, travel, etc.)

For businesses using QuickBooks or other accounting software –
• Complete monthly reconciliations for each bank account and credit card account
• Address any uncleared transactions on year-end reconciliations
• Review Profit & Loss for accuracy
• Review Balance Sheet to ensure accurate balances for each account, including Banks, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Loans, Credit Cards, Accounts Payable, Equity, etc.


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