Individual Tax Checklist

Complete Client Survey & Sign Engagement LetterWe’ll send these through our Client Portal for you to complete before we get started on your tax return. The Client Survey takes about 10 minutes and you can upload documents with it or submit them later. Returning clients may also request a customized Tax Organizer that shows your prior year information.

Driver’s Licenses – Please include a picture of your current driver’s license or we can scan at the office

Prior Year Tax Return – If you are new to Dow Tax, please include a copy of your prior year tax return


Wages – Form W-2 from employer

Interest Income – Form 1099-INT from bank or credit union (may not issue if less than $10)

Dividends – Form 1099-DIV

Pensions, Retirement Account Withdrawals or Rollovers – Form 1099-R

Social Security Income – Form 1099-SSA

Stock Sales  – Form 1099-B from stock brokerage. Otherwise, list of all transactions including date acquired, date sold, original cost, sales proceeds. Additional detail may be needed for sales of stock options and restricted stock units.

Cryptocurrency – Form 1099-B if issued. Otherwise, list of all transactions including date acquired, date sold/exchanged, US dollar value when acquired, and US dollar value when sold/exchanged

Alimony Received

Schedule C Business/1099 Income – See Business Tax Checklist below

Rental Property – See Business Tax Checklist below

Sale of Real Estate – Closing Disclosure from sale and may need Closing Disclosure from original purchase of sold property

Ownership in Partnership or S Corporation  – Form K-1 (if not prepared by Dow Tax)

Schedule F Farming Business – See Business Tax Checklist below

Unemployment Income – Form 1099-G from state

Other Miscellaneous Income



Educator Classroom Expenses – Deductible up to $250, even without itemizing deductions

HSA – Form 1099-SA shows distributions, Form 5498-SA shows contributions

Moving Expenses for members of the Armed Forces

IRA or SEP Contributions – Form 5498

Alimony Paid

Student Loan Interest – Form 1098-E

Medical Expenses – These typically only help if they are more than 7.5% of your income (not counting pre-tax premiums). If you’re self-employed you may be able to deduct premiums separately. For a list of what counts see Medical and Dental Expenses on If you’re unsure just send us your totals and we’ll figure it out.

Property Taxes – If paid through escrow, should be on Form 1098 with mortgage interest. Otherwise, cancelled check and/or bill.

Mortgage Interest – Form 1098 from bank where you pay mortgage

Mortgage Insurance Premiums – Form 1098 with your mortgage interest, and if you purchased a new home include your Closing Disclosure

Investment Interest

Charitable Donations – Must have receipt from qualifying nonprofit organization.

Noncash Charitable Donations – For noncash donations receipts are also needed and details are reported if noncash donations total more than $500.



Child Tax Credits – No additional documentation unless requested

Earned Income Credit – No additional documentation unless requested

Retirement Savers Credit – No additional documentation unless requested

Dependent Care Credit – Amount paid, along with daycare provider’s name, address, and EIN if business or social security number if individual

Education Credit – Form 1098-T. If undergrad program, may also need cost of required books, supplies, and equipment.

Residential Solar Credit – Invoice/contract from solar company. For Utah credit must apply for TC-40E at Health Insurance – If you had insurance through the Federal Marketplace, download Form 1095-A from



Business Tax Checklist


Sign Engagement LetterWe’ll send these through our Client Portal for you to complete before get started on your tax return

QuickBooks (or other accounting software) – You may send or provide access to your file or send the financial reports listed below

Profit & Loss – Provide total revenue, expenses totaled by category. If applicable, be sure to include business mileage, internet expense, phone expense, home office square footage.

Balance Sheet – This includes year-end balances for things like cash, receivables, inventory, credit cards, and loans. If you don’t have a complete report, send us the individual items you do have.

Fixed Assets – Provide purchase date, cost, and description of all new assets over $2,500.

New Clients – If you are new to Dow Tax, please also include the following:

   Prior Year Tax Return

   Organization Documents, such as Certificate and/or Articles of Organization and/or Incorporation

   Federal EIN letter issued by the IRS


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