We provide basic payroll services as a convenience for our small business tax and accounting clients in Utah who prefer to have everything done in one place, and only employ themselves and/or a small number of employees.

How it works-
We set up your payroll accounts for you and help you get the right paperwork for your employees.
You send us your employee’s hours or salary amounts each pay period.
We submit your payroll tax payments.
We submit your quarterly payroll filings.
We submit your annual payroll filings.
Your employees receive their pay direct deposited into their bank accounts and online access to their pay stubs and W-2s.

Please note: If you provide insurance or other benefits to your employees we recommend using a major payroll service. We do not offer payroll as a stand-alone service to those who are not also tax clients.

Biweekly/Semimonthly Payroll Processing
(Includes Quarterly/Annual Payroll Tax Filing)
1-5 Employees – $125/month
6-10 Employees – $150/month
Add $25 for each additional 5 Employees
Direct Deposit is $1.75/check
Quarterly/Annual Filing Only
Q1-Q3 $175/quarter
Q4 $275

This option is typically used by those self-employed full-time with no other employees or those who run their own payroll and only need help with the tax filing.

Please contact us to discuss your payroll needs, so we can customize a solution that will work best for you.



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