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If you want your personal or business taxes prepared by an experienced CPA, you have come to the right place! You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your tax return is filed correctly, optimized to your best interest, and if anything comes up we have your back – Unlimited Audit Support is included with every return we prepare.

You can come to our office in Eagle Mountain or enjoy our services remotely from the comfort of your home. 

Our Tax Return Process

  • Sign Engagement Letter. After you sign, we will send you access to our Client Portal.
  • Submit Your Documents & Information. See our Tax Checklists to know what documents you need. You can upload to our Client Portal, drop off at the front desk anytime, or mail. If you would like to meet with Eric (CPA) before we get started, you can schedule an appointment.
  • Tax Return Preparation. We will prepare your tax return and reach out to you with any questions that come up along the way. Your tax return will be reviewed by a licensed CPA to ensure it is complete, accurate, and optimized to get you the best answer possible. We may have some basic recommendations for you, and if your situation merits a more in-depth analysis you can always schedule a tax planning consultation outside of tax season as well.
  • Review, Sign & Pay. Once we’re finished we will send you the results along with the complete return for your review. Then you can pay our invoice, sign your return, and pay your taxes or check the status of your refunds
  • e-File. We will e-file your return once you have paid our invoice and signed your return.

We complete returns in the order we receive them, typically in 1-2 weeks at the beginning of February to 3-4 weeks for those received mid to late March.

Each return we prepare is signed by a licensed CPA and includes Unlimited Audit Support. Our clients are happy knowing we are competitively priced, they trust our expertise, and we save them money. Compare our education, experience, and credentials (see About section) to be confident you are getting the best overall value.

Individual Tax Return

Our base price includes your federal return and one state return with income from W-2 wages, interest & dividends, Social Security, pensions, normal retirement distributions, and unemployment; deductions for IRA, HSA, educator expenses, student loan interest, medical expenses, property taxes, mortgage interest, and charitable donations; plus credits for children, childcare, education, and the recovery rebate credit

Base Price $275
Common Additional Items
Early Retirement Distributions $75
Rental Property (per property) $125
Taxable Sale of Real Estate (per property) $150
Form K-1 Income (per K-1, waived if prepared by Dow Tax) $75
Stock Sales/RSUs/Options $50-$150
Multi-State or Part-Year Resident (per state) $75
Subsidized Health Insurance (Healthcare.gov) $75
Residential Solar Credit $75
Base price for Dependent/Minor Child Return $60
Schedule C Income (1099/sole-proprietor/contractor)
Income or expenses $0-$5,000 $75
Income or expenses $5,000-$30,000 $125
Income or expenses $30,000-$100,000 $225
Income or expenses $100,000+ $450


Pricing serves as a guideline for most returns we prepare. Complex situations may result in higher costs.

Business Tax Return

The base price for a business tax return is $525.

  • LLC with multiple members filing as a partnership or S Corporation, or Corporation
  • A single-member LLC does not file a separate business return unless it files an S Corporation elections. By default, it is reported on an individual tax return Schedule C.
  • Additional costs may apply to returns with revenue over $250,000 or complex or time-intensive issues.
  • See Accounting Services section below for pricing on accounting needed for tax returns.

For businesses using QuickBooks or other accounting software-

  • Complete monthly reconciliations for each bank account and credit card account
  • Address any uncleared transactions on year-end reconciliations
  • Review Profit & Loss for accuracy
  • Review Balance Sheet to ensure accurate balances for each account, including Banks, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Loans, Credit Cards, Accounts Payable, Equity, etc.

Accounting Services for Tax Return

If significant accounting services are needed in order to complete your tax return, you agree to pay $100 hourly for those services. If you would like to complete your accounting on your own, before submitting your information to us, please ensure your expenses are totaled by category for the year (e.g., cost of goods sold, advertising, vehicle expense/mileage, contract labor, meals, office expense, phone, supplies, travel, etc.)