Tax Returns
If you want your personal or business taxes prepared by an experienced CPA, you have come to the right place! Below you will see how the process works. You can come to our office in Eagle Mountain or enjoy our services remotely from the comfort of your home.

Our Tax Return Process

  1. Complete Client Survey & Sign Engagement Letter. We’ll send these through our Client Portal for you to complete before we get started on your tax return. The Client Survey takes about 10 minutes and you can upload documents with it or submit them later.
  2. Submit Your Documents. You can choose any of the methods below. See our Tax Checklists to know what documents you need. Returning clients may also request a customized Tax Organizer that shows your prior year information.
    1. Send us your documents through our Client Portal 
    2. Drop off your documents with our Office Manager anytime we’re open – no appointment needed!
    3. Schedule an appointment online to meet with a CPA if you have questions or explanations you would like to discuss before we get started
    4. Mail them to the address on the contact page
  3. Return Preparation. We will then prepare your tax return and reach out to you with any questions that come up along the way. We complete returns in the order we receive them, typically in 1-2 weeks at the beginning of February to 3-4 weeks for those received mid to late March.
  4. Review by CPA. Your tax return will be reviewed by a licensed CPA to ensure it is complete, accurate, and optimized to get you the best answer possible. We may have some basic recommendations for you, and if your situation merits a more in depth analysis you can always schedule a tax planning consultation outside of tax season as well.
  5. Review by You. You will receive the results of your tax return along with a copy of the return for your review, and you can ask any questions (paper copy upon request).
  6. Invoice. You can pay your invoice online or in the office (see our pricing guidelines).
  7. Sign. Sign the e-file authorization form online – for a joint return both spouses must sign using separate email addresses.
  8. e-File. We will e-file your return once you have signed and paid.
  9. Tax Due or Refund. Expect to get your refunds direct deposited in 1-2 weeks. If you have tax due we will provide payment vouchers or you can pay online.
  10. Enjoy Peace of Mind. Know your tax return is filed correctly, optimized to your best interest, and if anything comes up we have your back – Unlimited Audit Support is included with every return we prepare.

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